Please be advised:

A new phone system has been put into place along with a new phone extension numbering plan.

The hospital phone menu options have now been updated to the following script:

"Thank you for calling John C. Fremont Healthcare District.
If this is an emergency hangup and dial 911. If you know your party's extension dial it now.
Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed.
For John C. Fremont Healthcare District clinics, Home Health and Hospice or Physician Referrals, dial 6.
For the Hospital Admitting Desk, Pricing Information, Emergency Room, Acute Care, Skilled Nursing, Imaging, Lab, Cardiopulmonary and Nutrition and Food Services, dial 7.
For Human Resources and Business Operations including Billing and Medical Records, dial 8.
For Administration dial 9.
For an operator dial 0, to hear these options again stay on the line. Thank you."

JCFHD Clinics, Home Health and Hospice, Referrals

  • for Fremont Family Physicians at Clinic 1 dial 1
  • for Fremont Specialty Physicians at Clinic 2 dial 2
  • for the Northside clinic at Greeley Hill dial 3
  • for Home Health and Hospice dial 4
  • for Physician Referrals dial 5

Hospital Departments

  • for the Admitting Desk dial 1
  • for the Pricing Information Desk dial 2
  • for the Emergency Room dial 3
  • for the Acute Care Nurse station dial 4
  • for the Ewing Wing Skilled Nursing Facility dial 5
  • for Lab dial 6
  • for Cardiopulmonary dial 7
  • for Nutrition and Food Services dial 8

Human Resources and Business Operations

  • for Human Resources dial 1
  • for the Billing department dial 2
  • for Health Information Management dial 3
  • for Purchasing dial 4
  • for Maintenance dial 5
  • for Environmental Services dial 6
  • for Information Technology dial 7

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